Business Geografic is now a member of the European Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, a European initiative aimed at fostering the development of digital skills within all member nations.

Launched in December of 2016 by the European Union, the European Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, whose action is also carried out through national chapters, brings together not only companies, non profit organisations but also social and educational partners that share the same goal: help increase digital skills across Europe through the development of programs meant to respond to the high-stakes challenge of training high-skilled ICT professionnals.

Middle and high school students, university students, young graduates and, more broadly, citizens of all ages: the educational programs address a wide range of audiences and skill sets, according to the priority needs identified across the European Union.

« Our affiliation to the European Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition marks the expansion outside of France of our GEO Academy program, which has already been successfully rolled out across a wide range of French higher education establishments. Our GEO Software geomatics platform has long proven a sucessful learning tool here; we are excited to make it available to educational partners on an international scale » comments Laura DUPONT, in charge of Academic Relations at Business Geografic.

As a member of the European Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, Business Geografic commits to pursuing its educational outreach program while working closely with the EU to help increase digital skills therein.