Villeurbanne (France), 31 May 2018 - French GIS and Location Intelligence software provider Business Geografic announces the opening of a subsidiary in Canada. Relying on a 25-year experience in software innovation and a decade of global success, Business Geografic seeks to increase its presence in North America – the key market where its Reseller Partner Network was born ten years ago.

Business Geografic creates and opens a subsidiary, located in Montreal, Canada. This subsidiary marks an additional, logical step in Business Geografic’s international development.

Business Geografic offers state-of-the-art technologies and tools through its GEO Software platform to generate, disseminate and share all kinds of responsive HTML5 mapping applications, in both SaaS and On-Premises modes. Business Geografic also provides turnkey geospatial business solutions for the management of lands and utilities, as well as powerful geo software products for Location Analytics and Spatial Business Intelligence such as GeoQlik for Qlik users and GEO Key for all.

A veteran with over 25 years of experience in the GIS and Location Intelligence fields, Business Geografic has built upon the success of its pioneering technologies and solutions whose interoperability, power and richness are key factors that set them apart in the eyes of their users. The French GIS and Geospatial Analytics software provider reached critical size on its domestic market several years ago and has become a recognized innovative player on five continents.

Business Geografic owes this evolution not only to its ongoing strategy and ambitions to deliver top-quality geospatial technologies and solutions, but also to long-term alliances with first-class technology and business partners worldwide. A talent for software innovation and industrialization that explains Business Geografic’s being regularly granted national and international innovation support (see latest example to date: GEO Key innovation project, funded by the European EUREKA Eurostars program).

Today, Business Geografic records 150 Reseller Partners and 10.000 end users within 50 countries; today, Business Geografic has the momentum to open its first « brick and mortar » location in Canada. In close collaboration with Business Geografic’s French-based headquarters, the Montreal subsidiary will strengthen the company’s sales in North America – and beyond.